Staff Training

With a strong focus on inspiring creativity and motivating learning through ICT, we believe in working with companies and schools to deliver exceptional training.

We have a successful track record delivering training and workshops for a wide range of educational software companies and also directly with schools.

We will work with you to identify existing experience and skill levels, and build on these to improve confidence and achieve personal action plans.  Training can be face to face or a remote online session.

iPads Workshops, Training and INSETs

Bespoke training for staff and/or workshops with pupils.

Have you bought iPads for your school and want to get the best possible use out of them?  Gecko Learning will work with you to plan and deliver exceptional training on using these fabulous devices. 

Not sure what apps to buy?  Gecko Learning has recently authored Rising Stars' new Switched On iPads books for English and Maths and has many years school based experience teaching and learning with iPads.

Contact us to discuss running an iPad session at your school:

To get yourself started check out these superb apps:

Book Creator

Puppet Pals


For more information on how we can help you provide your staff teams with bespoke high quality face to face or remote training sessions using iPads or in any other area please contact us: 


Gecko Learning provides outstanding training nationally for Blue Hills Software, which is a leading specialised management solution provider. Key products include Provision Map Writer, IEP Manager and Primary Report Writer. Gecko Learning has provided support for several different projects, including evaluating products, advising on software design, authoring content and training.

"We are delighted to have found James. His professionalism, reliability and confident, friendly manner have proved to be such a bonus to our compnay. James has worked with us on several projects including evaluating and advising on software design, authoring content and providing training to our customers. We are 100% satisfied with his excellent services and look forward to working with him for many years to come."

Susan Rudlin, Education Manager at Blue Hills Software Co. Ltd.

"James was excellent. He enthused my team and really understood how we wish to use the product, and tailored his presentation accordingly."

Jacqui Clarke, SENCO at Millfield School, Street.

"James was fantastic - explained everything very clearly and repeated if necessary. He made you feel at ease and not afraid to clarify. We are now up and running - couldn't have done it without the training. He was so helpful, setting up the system the way it will suit our needs."

Miriam Peace, Grove School, Surrey.