Consultancy & Advice

We provide up to date, relevant, educational advice and bespoke consultancy services for schools and companies, reflecting current educational practice.

We have experience providing school ICT and computing provision audits, identifying strengths and areas for development - action plan writing and bespoke support.

Gecko Learning has developed strong relationships with several key educational software providers, schools and education focussed organisations.

We strongly believe in values of integrity, professionalism, creativity, attention to detail and confidentiality.

Gecko Learning has supported 3P Learning, the company behind Mathletics, to ensure their print materials are educationally appropriate for the UK market and matched to core objectives.

We have provided educational consultancy services to Oddizzi to help them promote the key features of their site, identified marketing strategies and helped them create a clear vision for how the site can be used creatively across a range of subjects, as well as assisting with SEO strategies.

Following a 10 month Educational Editor contract at Sherston Software, we have provided consultancy services including design advice, print materials and presentations at the BETT ICT Show.




"Since launching Oddizzi in April 2011 we have been looking for an individual who has both inside knowledge and experience within the primary classroom and also recent experience in online learning software. We thought this was an impossible task so we were delighted when we met James as a recent exhibition. James has advised us on future development plans and our marketing strategies; he has a very professional approach and is highly efficient. I couldn't recommend him highly enough."

Jenny Cooke, Founder of Oddizzi.

"James has provided outstanding consultancy services to Sherston Software for many years now. He has helped us design, author and develop new products showing a keen eye for detail, and worked closely with us to help move some of our products online. He presented on our stand at the BETT Show enthusastically and professionally."

Peter Cope, Brand Director at Sherston Publishing Group.